Improve Your Club’s Fundraising With A Sports Club Lottery

If your club would benefit from an increased income stream then starting a lottery is the perfect solution.

A lottery can be one of the most effective fundraising weapons in a club’s arsenal. They provide a reliable income stream that can last for years, helping clubs cover the cost of various running costs. Every amateur sports club can raise money from a lottery to help generate extra money to help them grow. But running a lottery is time consuming and has to be done properly. Sports Club Lottery allows clubs to raise money, with all of the administration taken care of and guarantees 50p in every £1 spent will go to your club – To put that in context, the National lottery gives just 28p in every £1 to good causes.

Having A Lottery With The Sports Club Lottery is Simple

Playing is simple:
It costs just £1 per week for each unique six-digit lottery number to be entered into the Sports Club Lottery draw every Monday. Every entry has the chance to win cash prizes of up to the £25,000 jackpot!
The jackpot won’t be split and winners are sent cheques following each draw.

Paying is simple:
Players can join online by visiting the Sports Club Lottery website, directly from your website or by completing a paper registration form. Payment is taken via a Direct Debit

Promotion is simple:
With all the hard work taken care of, all you need to do is promote your lottery. We’ll provide you with bespoke promotional leaflets for your launch and develop a promotional plan with you. Once you’re up and running, our experts will always be on hand to give you professional advice on the most effective ways to promote your lottery.

Profit is simple:
It’s a simple and reliable source of regular income.
For every £1 received from your members, 50p will be paid to your club as guaranteed profit. The rest covers prizes, and all administrative costs.

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If you think your club would benefit from the increased fundraising that comes from having a lottery, please get in touch today. Feel free to check out their website for more information.

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