Join Astro Kings Under 18s Football Club

Instead of paying £3.50 per session, U18s can join Astro Kings Under 18s Club and pay a small monthly fee to play every day. It’s just £14.99 per month!

How to Join Astro Kings U18s Football Club

All you have to do to is complete a membership form from our main reception desk or sign up here and we’ll let you play on one of the 5-a-side pitches with your friends.

It doesn’t matter what standard you are, come to Astro Kings and play every day!

Exclusive Discounts

It’s not just free entry to the pitches; all members get exclusive discounts as well.

  • 25% Off Parties – Members save 25% on all party pitch hire and coach fees
  • 10% off Coaching – Members save 10% on our FA Qualified coaching sessions

Under 18s Monthly Price

It’s just a monthly fee which paid by Direct Debit.


£1499per month
  • After School till 6pm
  • Weekends 1pm until 6pm
  • Holidays 1pm until 6pm
  • 25% off Parties
  • 10% off coaching

Daily Pay and Play Prices

You don’t have to join the club to play. You can still pay and play for £3 each day.


£350After School
  • Turn up and play
  • 3.30pm until 6pm
  • Friends welcome


£35011 till 8
  • Turn up and play
  • 1pm until 6pm
  • Friends welcome


£35011 till 6
  • Turn up and play
  • 1pm until 6pm
  • Friends welcome